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Psalm CCXL
of the Manichaean Bema Psalms


We bless and sing to thee, our Father Mani, our Saviour, O glorious one.
Thou art he unto whom we call, Father, king , god immortal; hear the
prayer of thy fold, O glorious one.

. . . . . . he whom the Father sent forth from on high that he might release
the souls that are counted to him, O glorious one.

We now therefore make festival fulfilling thy holy day, passing the
night in vigil in thy joy, O glorious one.

Thou art a creature immortal on the day of this third; thou art an envoy,
another has send thee to us, O glorious one.

Wash us now therefore in the dew-drops of thy joy, for we are ordained
to the service of the holy Bema, O glorious one.

Open to us the passage of the vaults of the skies and walk before
us to the joy of thy kingdom, O glorious one.

We are wont to worship the sign of thy seat when thou spreadest
it out on the day of the Filling of the Measure which is hidden today,
o glorious one.

Glory to thee, Mani , glorious one; victory to thy blessed Bema,
o glorious one, and the soul of the blessed Mary.

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