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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

A Confessional Prayer for the elect -
A Manichaean text in Sogdian.

The first commandment: Truthfulness ...

The second commandment: Nonviolence.

... if by me their divine light has been injured: daily a small portion
is lost on the way. For all this I say: Forgive me!

The third commandment: Behavior in accordance with religion,
with its two parts.

I cannot remain virtuous ...
First : I do not fret at the cutting off or planting of trees (or even whole)
groves of trees. I do not consider the affliction of the sprouts of trees
or even the holy Light Element on a spring morning.
We all strive to plant and to sow a garden or a piece of land with our bodies.
Second: the male and the female bodies ...