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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

The End of the deficiency.
A manichean eschatological hymn.

T his whole World stands firm for a Season, since there is a
great Building being erected outside of the World,
At the Hour when its Architect shall complete it,
the entire World shall be dissolved.
It shall be set afire, that fire may melt it away.

All Life, the Remnants of Light in every Place
he shall gather to himself and form of it a Statue.
Even the Resolution of Death also, the whole of the Darkness,
he shall gather in and make an image of itself
along with the Archon.

In a moment the Living Spirit shall come.
It will succor the Light,
but the Resolution of Death and the Darkness
it shall lock away in the chamber
that was built for it
that it may lie in chains in it forever.

There is no other means save this means to bind the Enemy,
for he shall not be received into the Light
because he is a stranger to it, but he shall also not be left
in his Land of Darkness,
lest he may wage a greater war than the first.

A new Aeon shall be built in place of this World,
which shall be dissolved,
so that in the Powers of Light may reign
since they have performed and fulfilled the whole of the Fathers will.
They have overthrown the hateful one, they have defeated him forever.

This is the Knowledge of Mani,
let us worship him and bless him.
Blessed is every man that shall trust in him,
for he shall live with all the Righteous.

Honor and Victory to our Lord Mani, the Spirit of Truth,
that cometh from the Father and has revealed to us
the Beginning, the Middle and the End.
Victory to the Soul of the Blessed Mary.
Theona, Pshai , Jemnoute.