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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

From the Fundamental Epistle of Mani.

Mani, by providence of God the Father, Apostle of Jesus the Christ:

These are the healthful words from the perennial and living source,
he who first hears and believes them, then guards what they teach,
shall never be subject to death, but will enjoy eternal and glorious life.
Happy indeed may he be deemed who has been initated in this divine Gnosis
whereby he will be liberated and abide in everlasting life!

May the peace of the invisible God and the knowledge of the Truth
be with the holy and most dear brothers
who believe in the heavenly precepts and at the same time fully keep them!
May also the right hand of Light guard and save you
from every evil assault and from the snares of the world!
May the pity of the Holy Spirit open your heart
and let you see your soul with your own eyes!