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Manichaean Scriptures

Homily on the correct preparations for the sacred Meal -
A Manichaean fragment on the eucharist, in Sogdian.

... and receive it (the sacred meal) like gold, transmit it correctly and
completely to its owner (the Father of Light) so that you may not be
subjected to evil. Guard it with care, preserve it with great steadfastness,
so that it may not be soiled by dry or wet blood, just as it, in turn, makes
you glad and joyful. And all of you together, keep it from being ...
by jealousy and hatefulness ... Remember your fault on the day of ...
when by greed it was ...
Begin to Ponder: One`s  body, with whose sign is it decorated or covered?
In whose service does it stand? And what is it that you eat? For everyone
who partakes of the meal and is not worthy of it loses the fruit of his great
efforts and is shut out of the Paradise of Light. But the chosen righteous
ones and the auditors who believe realize the greatness of the Living Soul
and will be joyful in the Paradise of Light, in eternal life ...
Dear brother, cleanse yourself and hear the good message from me.
It is a duty and an obligation to those who know to stand in the Church
under this sign and to serve ...