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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymn about the Captivity of Light
- Manichaean hymn in Parthian.

Lo, that great Kingdom of Salvation, waits on high,
Ready for those who have gnosis, so that they may
finally find peace there.

Sinful, dark Pêsûs runs hither and tither brutishly,
She gives no peace at all to the upper and lower limbs of Light.

She seizes and binds the Light in the six great bodies,
In earth, water and fire, plants and animals.

She fashions it in many forms; she molds it into many figures;
She fetters it in a prison so that it may not ascend to the height.

She weaves a net around it on all sides, she piles it up;
she sets a watchman over it.

Greed and lust are made its fellow-captives.

She mixes destructive air into those six great bodies.
She nurtures her own body both destroys their sons.

The power of Light on high confuse all demons of wrath,
The sons of that Pêsûs, who is in a higher place.

(three further verses missing)