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Manichaean Scriptures

Commemorative hymn for Mâr Zaku -
A Manichaean Hymn in Parthian.

Oh great teacher, Mâr Zaku ... Shepherd!
Oh great lamp that was so suddenly extinguished!
Our eyes were darkened, made faint and weak.
Oh battle-seeking Hero who left his army behind;
Terror seized the troop, the army was thrown into confusion.
Oh great Tree whose height was felled!
The birds started to quiver; their nest has been destroyed.
Oh great Sun that sank below the earth!
Our eyes saw only darkness, for the light was veiled.
Oh zealous Caravan leader who left his caravan behind
In deserts, wastes, mountains and gorges!
Oh Heart and Soul that have departed from us!
We need your skill, your reason and your glory.
Oh living Sea that has dried up!
The course of the rivers is obstructed and they no longer flow.
Oh green Mountain on which sheep graze!
The milk for the lambs runs dry, the sheep bleat pitifully.
Oh mighty Father, for whom many sons mourn,
All the children that have been orphaned.
Oh Lord who was spared no pains, who endured want!
You cared for the well-being of the house of God in every way.
Oh great Spring , whose source is stopped up!
Sweet nourishment is held back from our mouths.
Oh bright Lamp whose radiant light shone into another world!
Darkness befell us.
Oh Mâr Zaku, Shepherd, blessed Teacher!
Our power is now seperated from you.
No longer do we look into your bright eyes;
No longer do we hear your sweet words.
Oh God Sroshâv with the sweet name, bright Lord!
None is like to you amongst all the gods.
We sigh and weep bitterly, we are grieved,
We constantly remember your love.
You were exalted in all the lands,
The kings and the great ones honored you.
Lovely and kind was your natue, mild was your speech
That never succumbed to bitter wrath.
Oh great, strong Giant who displayed great patience!
You tolerated everyone, you were renowned.
Oh righteous Father, meek and merciful,
Magnanimous and generous, compassionate and kind,
You bright joy to the oppressed; many souls
Did you save from misery, guiding them home.
Strong, good, powerful One who has attained a throne
Like all the Apostles, Buddhas and Gods,
First to you will I pay homage, I your meanest son
Who was left behind as a homeless orphan by you, Father.

Additional note:
Come, let us write a letter to the beneficent King of Light.
We will request him: Forgive our sins!