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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymn exhorting the soul to remembrance -
A Manichaean Hymn in Parthian.

... all sins, the inner and the outer ones, of thought, word and deed,
what is in their harmful consequence?
Teach that pious and sinful thought are intertwined, and distinguishable
between them.
Comprehend your being and the pure word, which is the master of
the soul in the body,
And thereby learn to see through the false word that leads to Hell,
even the Hell of Darkness.
Weigh, as with a judge`s scales, those redeemed and those condemned
by the word,
Remember the cycle of rebirths and the torture of Hell, where souls
are hurt and oppressed.
Maintain the fervor of the soul and the treasure of the word, so that
you may enter the Paradise of Light.

(two verses missing)

Restrain your mind from sinful rebellion, walk on the path of the
peace unto the home of Light.