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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymn on the fate of the Living Soul -
A Manichaean Hymn in Parthian.

I hail from the Light and from the gods,
Yet I have become as one banished, seperated from them.
The foes assembled above me
And took me to the realm of death.
- Blessed be he who rescues my soul from distress,
so that it may be saved. -

A god am I, born of the gods,
A bright, radiant and shaining,
Beaming, fragrant and beautiful god.
But now I have fallen into misery.
Countless demons seized me,
Loathsome ones captured me.
My soul has been subjugated by them,
I am torn to pieces and devoured.
Demons, yakshas and peris,
Black, hideous, stinking dragons
That I could hardly repulse:
I experienced much pain and death at their hands.
They all roar and attack me,
They pursue me and rise up against me,