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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymns to the soul -
A Manichaean liturgical hymn  in Parthian.

... Worthy are you of salvation.
To you, oh Soul of Light, will I give much counsel,
so that you may attain redemption.

Come, oh souls, to this ship of Light!

My most beloved soul, who is happy and noble,
where have you gone? Return!
Awake, dear soul, from the sleep of drunkenness
into which you have fallen!
Look upon the foes, see how they prepare death all around you!
Reach your home, the heavenly earth created by the Word,
Where you were in the beginning.

The distressed soul cries out loudly because of wicked greed,
deceptive delusion and the devouring blaze of fire.
An angel from Paradise has come, a herald from the Kingdom.
Here end the beautiful hymns to the soul.