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Manichaean Scriptures

Hymn to the Living Soul -
A Manichaean hymn in Parthian.

You, oh Soul, would we praise, our bright Life!
You would we praise, Jesus Messiah!
Merciful savior, look upon us!
Worthy are you to honor , redeemed Soul of Light!
Salvation to you, and may we also receive salvation!
Worthy are you of the Soul of Light, bright shining limb of Light.
You have salvation, bright Soul of the gods that shines in the darkness.
You sons of Truth, praise the Soul, the valiant god eager for battle.
This fettered Soul has arrived, gathered in ...
... from heaven and from the depths of the earth,
And from all creation.
Meritorious and blessed is the auditor who gathers the Soul
together, And blissful is the elect who purifies it.
This redeemed Soul has come,
It has come to this Church of Righteousness.
Praise it forever, you elect,
So that it may wondrously purify me
And lead me to life.
Blessed are you, oh Soul, you with the divine form!
Blessed are you, oh Soul, weapon and battlement of the gods,
Blessed are you, radiant Soul,
Splendor and glory of the ... Worlds of Light!
Blessed are you, divine radiant Soul,
Weapon and might, soul and body, gift of the Father of Light.