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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

Invocation of Jesus the Splendor -
A Manichaean hymn in Persian.

We would fill our eyes with praise
And would open our mouths to invoke you.
We would bring to you ... honor and greatness,
To you, Jesus the Splendor, liberated ruler and
New Dispensation.

You are, You are the garment of blessing.
You are the dearest brother.
Come for salvation, who are complete salvation.
Come for beneficence, who are complete beneficence.
Come to bring love, who are complete love.
Come as physician, who are complete healing.
Come to bring peace, who are complete peace.
Come as victor, who are complete victory.
Come as lord, who are complete lordship.
Come for redemption, who are complete soul-service.

Welcome, new lord and new physician.
Welcome, new redeemer and redeemed one.
Welcome, new God, noble lustre and great light.
Welcome, oh day that is complete joy.
Welcome, oh year that brings a good harvest.
Welcome, original one and primeval first-born one.
Welcome, good mediator ... who mediates between us
and the Father.