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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

Invocation of the angels -
A Manichaean text in Persian.

Come, you shall live together with the mighty angels.
Guard and protect the holy Church,
And cut off  the heads of the adversaries,
The foes of peace.

May Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Sarael,
Together with all the most powerful angels,
Increase peace and faith
For the whole Church of the Eastern Province.

Blessing upon the mighty angels!
May these powerful ones, these humble ones, be praised,
So that they may protect the "sons of the right handI"
From the spiritual (demonic) and temporal (fleshly) powers.

I bless the God Mani, the Lord,
I venerate your great, bright glory,
I pray to the Holy Spirit,
Together with the glories and strong angels.

Praise to the almighty angels! May they protect
The religion of the gods,
And may they overcome
Those attacking righteousness.

The angel full of wisdom, the loving deity,
Beautiful in appearance, the strong God,
He of noble name, King Frêdon, and the valiant Jacob,
May they protect the Church, and us, their children!

May blessing and praise from all of us
Be accepted by the three Lords,
So that they may send us power and strenght
On this day and at this time of joy.

May blessing come from the gods on high
And new help from the power of the mighty;
May it come upon the land and its ruler,
So that their faith in the holy religion may increase.