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Manichaean Scriptures

The Parable of the Monk and the Girl
A Manichaean text in Parthian.

" ... I want to place the alms therein (in the vessel)."

Then the woman gave him a girl, and the monk placed the girl
in it. And he went away. And that woman was visited by ... a
... hunter. He caught a wolf and brought it to ... He wanted to
put it in the vessel. When he opened it, he saw the girl, and she
was very beautiful. Immediately he asked the woman ,
"What is in the vessel?" And she answered, " A monk put his
alms into it." At once the hunter took the girl out and put the
wolf in ...

At night time, the monk came, thinking, "I want to take the girl
... out." When he put his hand into the vessel .. the wolf came
out and ate up the monk.

This parable deals with the sinners, who, being constantly seized
by ... think this ... But they go to dark Hell. Just as the monk looked
for the girl and found the wolf ...