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Manichaean Scriptures

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Manichaean Scriptures

Verses from a Parthian hymn

... Lead me, Father, to my own family!
Fortunate is every man who in purity and truth
Recognize your skill, your manliness and wondrous power, oh God!
To fulfil completely, oh God, your counsels and your commandments,
I shall strive and wait on you. I am ardent, by day and night.
Earthly pleasures and things of the world, with Greed has avidly
and cunnigly prepared, Have I given up to your counsel.
Hear, oh God, my supplication, and do not hesitate to accept my
veneration and prayer.
Lead me out of this poisonous deep!
This is the way, this is the mystery, this is the great commandment
and the gate of salvation.
Fulfill in me, oh God, your will. May your glory protect me and always
foster patience, zeal and fear of God in me.
My eye and ear ...