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The Psalms to Jesus

Psalm XXXI

Jesus Christ, in whom I have believed,
stand with me in the hour of my need.
I also am one in the number of thy hundred sheep
which thy Father gave into thy bands that thou
mightest feed them.

The ravenous wolf, the son of the desert , heard
my sweet cry and came up raging.

Thy lot fell on me among all my kin: . . . . . .
until I had finished my fight.
I gave myself up to death trusting in the . . . divine word:
'He that dies shall live, he that bumbles himself shall be exalted'.
glorified in the wisdom that thou gavest me . . .
the Sects ; never was man able to contend against me.

Lo, I made thy commandments an armour for me,
I armed myself 'and went into the world, I called the . . . . .
When I hear the cry of thy . . . . holy trumpet
sounding summer and winte r. . . . . .

I follow thee.
I betook myself far from the world, I left my parents,
I passed unto the Lord who is greater than heaven and earth.
I hid not from thee, my God, I did not do the will of the
body , that thou mightest not leave me in the hour . . . .
For the things of the smaller life pass away, they do not satisfy the . . .
the lifetime also of men is a lamp that goes out.

As I was saying these things in tears the Saviour called me:
crime, o busy champion, and give the garland of Light to me.
Who can see, my brethren, and return to the earth again and
tell all men of the glory which I have received today?
I beseech you all, my brethren, my kinsmen,
do not weep for me, for I have found the reward of my toil.

Glory land victory to our Lord Mani and all his
Elect. Victory to the soul of the blessed Mary.

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