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The Psalms to Jesus

Psalms VII

Jesus, the only-begotten, save me.
The body of the earth l will put off me: the. . . . . . . .
old. . . I will forsake it, the fire of the . . . . . . .
of guile, the camp of the enemies. . . . . .
through the armour of the Paraclete I will conquer them.

I have renounced thee, o devil; the angels of the . .
. . . . of the demons. I will strip myself of the world and the
likeness (?) of these five stars, and I will destroy the guile of
the Archons which I wear and I will shine in the remembrance
of the Paraclete.

O Mind that subdues the Matter, spread thy mercy
upon my spirit. I will anchor in thy congregation,
I, the new (?) man, and receive all the gifts which
thou hast promised me, which are the victory in thy
eternal kingdom.

Jesus is the first gift that was given:
Jesus is the holy flower of the Father:
Jesus is the first to sit upon the luminaries:
Jesus is the Perfect Man in the Pillar:
Jesus is the resurrection of them that have died in the church.

Thou art he that delivered me to the fight in the beginning:
thou art the second who didst give me thy right hand:
thou too art the third who didst shine forth with thy Light for me.
Thou too didst receive the victory (?) in the fourth war .

Save me now, I beseech thee, my Lord.
I call unto thee, o victor eternal: hear my cry,
o compassionate one, and let thy members
cleanse me, and do thou wash me in thy holy
waters and make me spotless, even as I am.

Lo, the time has drawn near, may I return to my habitations.
Thou art the way, thou art the door of life eternal, in
truth the son of God, my Savior, who has taught me to
wear his holy commandments .
The weapons of the enemy, I bring them to the ground, thy . . . .
. . . . . being to me a landing-place.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . for ever; thou art the . . . . . . . . . . .
bend the knee to thee; the armies of the skies are looking for thee;
thou also art he unto whom all generations call;
thou also art the seal of every wonder;
thou also art he who shall give to the victory to the soul of Mary.


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