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Website last updated:
7 April, 2018

Hagia Sophia
Gnostic Church

A parish of
the Ecclesia Gnostica

Seattle, Washington

Serving the Greater Seattle area since 1998
Holy Sophia icon written by Katriina Fyrlund of Varberg, Sweden

"Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled.
When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the all."

- The Gospel According to Thomas

Hagia Sophia Gnostic Church is the Seattle parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica, and welcomes all spiritual seekers to share in community the Gnostic tradition through liturgical services, spiritual exercises, formal and informal learning opportunities, and in conversation with trained clergy and other like-minded individuals. We make no judgments based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or even creed. There is no membership requirement for participation, and no barrier of any kind exists around our altar. Communion is open to all who wish to receive it.

Hagia Sophia is housed on the second floor of historic University Christian Church in Seattle's University District (4731 - 15th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105). We are pleased and honored to share a building with such an ecumenical, open, and affirming group of people, as well as the other churches and outreach groups serving the Seattle community including University Baptist Church, St. George Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church, the U-District Food Bank, and the Seattle Human Services Coalition, which also have their home at University Christian.

See the Introduction page for general information about our parish, and the services we offer; the Schedule of Services for our calendar; and About Us for information about our chapel and clergy. For more information, contact Rev. Sam Osborne at: sosborne1393 (at) gmail (dot) com, or 206-778-6502.

Regular Services

Hagia Sophia Gnostic Church is the Seattle parish of the Ecclesia Gnostica, the oldest and largest sacramental and liturgical Christian Gnostic church within the Apostolic Succession in the Americas. As a sacramental, liturgical church, we employ vestments, chant, candles, incense, bells, and other accoutrements. This serves the purpose of elevating our consciousness out of the mundane concerns to focus upon the Divine.

To join our e-mail list and receive reminders of upcoming services and events, e-mail us with the subject line "Join Hagia Sophia Newsletter".

Sunday Gnostic Holy Eucharist Celebrations

The Gnostic Holy Eucharist (the Mass) is so designed that it may effectively remove the barriers separating the human and the Divine. The Ecclesia Gnostica invites all who seek this mystic union to partake of the Divine Mystery of the Eucharist. The structure and content of our Liturgy are age-old, and are not altered by the passing fancies of individuals or the mundane trends of culture. Thus our service is Christian as well as Gnostic in nature, ancient as well as contemporary. Communion is open to all who wish to receive it.

Celebrations of the Gnostic Holy Eucharist are held on Sunday afternoons at 1:00 P.M.
(See the
Schedule of Services.)


Devotional Service to the Most Holy Sophia

An evening service of devotion to the Holy Sophia is held once a month. This devotional service, unique to our rite, is a singularly meaningful and mystical experience dedicated to the Divine Feminine. The service includes the blessing of the rose, and culminates in the Litany of Love, in which love is sent forth to all, both the seen and unseen.

Sophia Services are usually held on the Sunday of the full moon. Please check the calendar for specific dates and times.

Service of Healing

Often celebrated in conjunction with the Sophia Service, and Benediction, the Service of Healing or Unction is a sacrament offered for the healing of mind, body, soul, and spirit. In the anointing, we invoke the help of the Archangel Raphael, whose name means: "It is God who heals." One does not need to be gravely ill to receive the benefits of this sacrament.

The sacrament of Unction may also be received upon request, either privately or in conjuction with a public worship service.

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