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The Gnostic Apostle Thomas:"Twin" of Jesus

After Constantine

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Notes, Chapter 13

General Sources

Conversion of Constantine
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Conversion of Constantine to Christianity:
In his Life of Constantine (written after the emperor's death), Eusebius places the conversion before Constantine's battle at the Milvian Bridge outside Rome, against his rival Maxentius (Drake, 22-8). In his Church History , written earlier, Eusebius speaks of a "miracle" at the Milvian Bridge -- the span's collapse, throwing Maxentius and his troops into the stream -- with no mention of a vision (Eusebius, 368-9). Lactanius, another church historian, writing a few years after Constantine's death, refers briefly and ambiguously to a sign that should be put on shields (Drake, 7).
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"If the sky writing . . . "
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Statue of Constantine in Rome
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"You will arrest Simon, . . ."
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Zoroastrians offended by Christians
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Ephraim in Nisibis and Edessa
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Ephraim's attacks on Marcion, Bardaisan, and Mani
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Sexual abstinence preached by Ephraim and Aphrahat
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Sons and Daughters of the Covenant
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