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The Gnostic Apostle Thomas:"Twin" of Jesus

Land of Pepper

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Notes, Chapter 15

General Sources

Thomas in the kingdom of Mazdai (Acts 7-13, Acts of Judas Thomas)
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Thomas arrives in southern India?
There is a substantial literature. I have usually followed the two balanced and generally objective books by L. W. Brown and Stephen Neill. Some of the other general works are listed in Notes for Chapter 16.
Brown, L. W. The Indian Christians of St. Thomas (1956).
Neill, Stephen. A History of Christianity in India (1984).

Hymn of the Pearl
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Geography of Kerala
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Early history of Kerala
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Seven churches and two presbyters
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Versions of martyrdom
Brown, 50 (by priests of Kali), 56 (by low-caste archer);
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"Lo, in India are thy miracles, O Thomas . . ." and other poems by Ephraim
St. Thomas Christian Encyclopedia , 19-21.

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