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The Gnostic Apostle Thomas:"Twin" of Jesus

Buddhism and Gnosticism

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Notes, Chapter 22

General Sources

[A few relevant texts from the extensive available literature are included here.]
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Development of the Middle Way
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Mahayana Perfection of Wisdom
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Conze on similarities between Mahayana Buddhism and Gnosticism
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("Prajna and Sophia.")
Prajna as Intuition
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Bringing the Lie from India
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Greco-Roman influence on artifacts of Kushan empire
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Old view
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More recent view
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Hindu doctrine on reincarnation
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Five meditation Buddhas associated with five skandhas
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Fire Sermon of the Buddha
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Sethian stages of soul's ascent; thirteen levels of being
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"Jesus said, Let those who seek. . ."
This is a composite of several translations (by Bentley Layton, Thomas O. Lambdin, Jacques Menard, Elaine Pagels, and John D. Turner).

Clement of Alexandria, Les Stromates
Trans. C. Mondesert (1954) II, 9,45.5

"For the place where there is envy and strife . . ."
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Nagasena, "From the moment . . . ."
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Sethians and thirteen levels of being
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