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The Gnostic Apostle Thomas:"Twin" of Jesus

The Thomas Books

The Gnostic Apostle Thomas: Notes, Chapter 29

The Thomas Books
Cyril (Saint) of Jerusalem, Works of. Trans. Leo P. McCauley. (1969) vol. 1, 137, 166.

Infancy Gospel of Thomas
The Other Gospels , ed. Ron Cameron, (1982) 122-30;
Oscar Cullman, New Testament Apocrypha (NTA-1991), vol. 1, 439-52;
Montague James, The Apocryphal New Testament ( l924) 49-65.

Helmut Koester, Ancient Christian Gospels (1990) 77;
Francis Legge, Forerunners and Rivals of Christianity ( l9l3) vol. 1, 126.

Hippocratic medical theory
H.-Ch. Puech, NTA-1963, vol. 1, 280.

Origen's reference to a Gospel according to Thomas
Koester, 78.

Origen's "difference among manuscripts has become great . . ."
B. M. Metzger, Text of the New Testament (1964)152.

Date of origin of Gospel of Thomas
"It can only be said . . . ." Beate Blatz, NTA-1991, vol. 1, 113.

Some scholars' views as to date (often related to views of dependence on, or independence of, canonical gospels)
First century
Cameron, The Other Gospels , 38;
John Dominic Crossan, The Historical Jesus (1991)[Finds two layers: part in Jerusalem before A.D. 50, part in Edessa after A.D. 62], 427-8;
Stevan L. Davies, The Gospel of Thomas and Christian Wisdom (1983). 3-5 [A.D. 50-70];
Gregory J. Riley, Resurrection Reconsidered: Thomas and John in Controversy (1995);
Robert W. Funk, Roy W. Hoover, and the Jesus Seminar, The Five Gospels (1993) 474;
Koester [A.D. 70-100 ];
Stephen J. Patterson, The Gospel of St. Thomas and Jesus (1993) 121;
James W. Robinson, "On Bridging the Gulf from Q to the Gospel of Thomas," Nag Hammadi, Gnosticism, and Early Christianity (1986) 137 [A.D. 70-100], and Metanoia , 4 (1994) 120-33.
Second century
Bertil Gertner, Theology of the Gospel of Thomas (1961) 272;
A. F. J. Klijn, "Christianity in Edessa and the Gospel of Thomas," Novum Testamentum 14 (1972), 70-77;
John P. Meier, A Marginal Jew (1991) vol 1,138-9 [Regards non-parallels in G.T. as second-century Gnostic additions, 124-66];
R. M. Grant, The Secret Sayings of Jesus (1960);
B. M. Metzger, The Canon of the New Testament (1987) 86 ;
G. Quispel, Tatian and the Gospel of Thomas (1975) 103 [about A.D. 140 ];
New Jerome Biblical Commentary (1990), 10.

Gospel of Thomas in relation to the canonical gospels
For a partial list of those regarding the GTh as independent of, or dependent on, the canon, see Meier, 158 (Note 100),159 (Note 110).

Jesus Seminar
Method of work, Funk, 34-7;
translation of Gospel of Thomas , with comments, Funk, 470-532;
Hans King. Christianity: Essence, History and Future. Trans. John Bowden (1994)140.

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