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The Search for Roots

The Search for Roots
by Alfred Ribi



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 Publishing Works in Jungian and Gnostic Studies


Information for authors seeking to publish with Gnosis Archive Books...

Gnosis Archive Books was established in 2012 to publish and promote scholarly works that forward a dialogue between Jungian, Gnostic, and religious studies. We are also interested in works that interface between these subjects and the expanding field of Consciousness studies.

If you have a manuscript that falls into our general area of interest, we will be pleased to review it. All proper submissions are anonymously reviewed by our editorial board. Manuscripts should be well-edited and previously reviewed (and corrected) by at least two independent readers. Dissertations will be given preliminary consideration, but they usually require significant rewriting and editing by the author before being accepted for publication.

Please contact and submit a brief abstract of your work (under 500 words) prior to sending a complete manuscript. Manuscripts may be submitted in .pdf format or Word .docx format.

All publications by Gnosis Archive Books are made available in both print and ebook formats; titles are marketed by and by traditional bookstores. Each published work is accompanied online by an extensive preview; this preview edition is made available on these pages for free download in pdf format. Previews are indexed by search engines, and thus provide our publications with unequalled exposure.

Publication of books in our special domain of interest seldom produces any significant financial gain. Our focus is on publishing well-written and well-thought works that merit wider attention. After covering our initial expenses, we share all income equitably with authors.

Gnosis Archive Books is associated with The Gnosis Archive, which since 1994 has been the preeminent internet resource on Gnosis and Gnostic tradition. The site currently serves over three million unique visitors a year.



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