Carl Gustav Jung  (Portrait by F. Szasz)
Carl Gustav Jung

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Septem Sermones, original page

Page from the original printing of the VII Sermones, c. 1917.
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Jung's First Mandela, based on the experience of the Septem Sermones

Jung's first mandala drawing, inspired by the VII Sermones.
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The Gnostic Jung

The Gnostic Jung
by Stephan A. Hoeller

The classic translation and interpretation of Jung's VII Sermones.







The Search for Roots

The Search for Roots
by Alfred Ribi






Memories Dreams Reflections

Read Jung's classic autobiography

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C. G. Jung on Film

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These film clips are collected from YouTube. The links sometimes change, but the content seems to persist with other file locations. If you do not find a specific film, try doing a YouTube search. Several other short selections appear from time to time, but most are extracted from these major film sources.


C. G. Jung: Face to Face -- The John Freeman Interview (1959)

Recorded for the BBC "Face to Face" TV series in 1959, this is the entire 40 minute interview with Dr. Jung, completed just 2 years before his death.



Jung on Film: The Richard Evans Interviews (1957)

Filmed in 1957 by Dr. Richard I. Evans for the Department of Psychology, University of Houston. Dr. Evans conducted four one-hour interviews with Jung at the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH, Federal Institute of Technology), in Zurich, on August 5-8, 1957. They were filmed as part of an educational project designed for students of the psychology department. The four hours of interviews are here edited to about 77 minutes. (A complete and accurate verbatim transcript of the interviews appears in: C. G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, ed. William McGuire and R. F. C. Hull.)

Evans is not a great interviewer, but Jung compensates well. And this is a very important documentary record. (The online copy offered here is an acceptable video transfer of the VCR edition.) Again ,just sit down and meet Dr. Jung.

An slightly rearranged full transcript of the filmed interviews, including the large amount of material edited from this shortened film, is available in here, C. G. Jung – Richard Evans Interviews: The Original Evans' Transcript.



Matter of Heart - The Classic Documentary on Jung

This is the classic 1985 film on C. G. Jung. You must watch this film, it was produced with great care and insight. It appears from time to time on YouTube, but it is copyrighted and is often removed, only to be reposted again later. If you wish to view it, considering buying or renting a copy. You can view it free with Prime, or purchase it for download and viewing.

Some of the spoken words in this film are difficult to hear, due to the accent of the speakers. A full text transcript of the film is available here in our archive. It is useful to follow the transcript as you view the film.




Jung, Gnosis and Religion - BBC Documentary

Part of a 1984 BBC Series, titled "Sea of Faith," this 16 minute clip offers a fine introduction to Jung's understanding of Religion, myth, and the tradition of Gnosis.



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