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Pistis Sophia: The Books of the Savior

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Texts from the Askew Codex. The Askew codex was bought by the British Museum in 1795, having been previously acquired by a Dr. Askew from an unknown source. It is more commonly known by the name inscribed upon it's binding, "Piste Sophiea Cotice". G.R.S. Mead suggests a more appropriate name might be "Books of the Savior".  The complete text of Pistis Sophia in the translation of G.R.S. Mead is now provided here in the Library.  Please see Mead's excellent introduction to Pistis Sophia for a detailed summary of the contents of the manuscript.

Note that you may use our exclusively Pistis Sophia Search Index to search the entire text of  Pistis Sophis.

Pistis Sophia

Translated with Commentary by G. R. S. Mead

London: J. M. Watkins

Revised Second Edition, 1921

(The first edition was published in 1896)

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