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The Lost Gospels

(BBC Documentary - hosted by YouTube)


A ninety minute long BBC video documentary (released in 2008, and available on YouTube) which follows the personal quest of Anglican priest Pete Owen Jones to understand the many ancient Christian texts that didn't make it into the New Testament. The focus is principally on the Gnostic texts found at Nag Hammadi. This is an entertaining and educational introduction to the Gnostic Gospels; it is both well researched and nicely produced, with extensive location filming in Egypt. (Rev. Jones dresses in beads and jeans -- and not clerical collar -- for the entire show.) Take time to sit down and watch all of this video. (More information and program notes available at the BBC web site).



The Secrets of Mary Magdalene

(Produced by Discovery Channel - hosted by YouTube)


This documentary was produced for the Discovery Channel, and features several distinguished scholars explaining the story of Mary Magdalene, as amplified by the Nag Hammadi library and other recently discovered ancient Gnostic records. It is gives a balanced overview of the tradition of Mary of Magdala in Gnositc tradition.




(Produced for Border Television - UK - hosted by YouTube)


This four part 1987 documentary was produced by Border Television (UK), and was written by Tobias Churton. (Churton published a companion book to the series, titled The Gnostics.) Each of the four parts is about 50 minutes long. The fourth and final episode of the production offers an extended section on modern Gnosis; this episode is centered on interviews with Rosamonde Ikshvàku Miller, Gnostic bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica in northern California. Recorded in 1987, the video quality of this film is below current standards, but the content and production is excellent. It includes interviews with Giles Quispel, Hans Jonas, Elaine Pagels, June Singer, and many other notable scholars of Gnostic tradition.



Further Reading:

The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus, edited by Marvin Meyer
The Gnostic Gospels of Jesus
, edited by Marvin Meyer,  is our top recommendation for readers beginning their exploration of the Gnostic scriptures. Over the last three decades Prof. Meyer has distinguished himself as a singularly talented translator and commentator on Gnostic traditions. In this new collection -- the best of several  that he has now published -- Meyer presents twelve key Gnostic "gospels" in succinct, accurate and highly readable new translations.   The book's subtitle claims it to be: "The definitive collection of mystical gospels and secret books about Jesus of Nazareth".   Though perhaps not "definitive", we agree this is the best  introductory collection available.



The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, by Karen King
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
is one the most surprising and delightful of the rediscovered Gnostic texts. This excellent new print edition of the Gospel of Mary of Magdala by the widely respected scholar Karen King is the best authoritative edition available.  It incorporates translations of the ancient Coptic Gospel of Mary discovered in 1896, along with the two small third-century Greek fragments of the text found at Oxyrhynchus.   Included is a superb introduction along with extensive commentary on the text and its implications for modern understandings of early Christianity.  Highly Recommended. Also visit our Gospel of Mary Magdalene page, where we have more information on the Gospel of Mary and a preview excerpt from Dr. King's introduction to her book.



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