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5 June, 2011

Links of Interest
for the Gnostic Christian

Ecclesia Gnostica | Gnosticism, Scripture & Early Christianity | Hermeticism, Alchemy & Astrology | Religious Supplies

Disclaimer: While many of the links on this page are taken from the Church's Gnosis Archive and appear elsewhere on this site, several are from external websites, and are provided because they may be of interest to the seeker of knowledge. The views expressed on these sites are in no way meant to express the views of the Ecclesia Gnostica itself.

Ecclesia Gnostica

Introduction to the Ecclesia Gnostica - A brief introduction to our Church
A Gnostic Catechism - A catechism prepared by +Stephan Hoeller, in PDF format
Gnostic Scriptures and the Gnostic Church - An article by +Stephan Hoeller
The Gnosis of the Eucharist - An article on the Eucharist, by +Stephan Hoeller
The Gnostic Lectionary - The complete lectionary of the Ecclesia Gnostica, in PDF format
Gnostic Ecclesiastical Calendar: A Mandala of Wholeness - An exploration of the liturgical year
Gnostic Homilies - A collection of homilies by Fr. Steven Marshall+
Exile in Godville - A 2005 article on the Ecclesia Gnostica from LA Weekly
The Holy Gnostic Rosary - A rosary in honor of Our Lady Sophia
Wikipedia Article - Wikipedia article on the Ecclesia Gnostica

Gnosticism, Scripture, and Early Christianity

The Gnostic Society Library - A vast collection of primary documents relating to the Gnostic tradition
Valentinus and the Valentinian Tradition - An overview of one of the most influential Gnostic Christian teachers of the second century
Gospel of Thomas Collection - Perhaps the most ancient Christian gospel, the collection provides information, as well as a selection of translations
Gnostic Society Web Lectures - Including free downloadable lectures presented by the Gnostic Society of Los Angeles
Sacred Texts Archive - The largest freely available collection of sacred scripture from around the world, as well as mythology, folklore, and esotericism
Early Christian Writings - A collection of early Christian writings, including canonical, apocryphal, Gnostic, and the writings of Church Fathers
Early Jewish Writings - A collection of early Jewish writings, including canonical and pseudapigraphal
Scripture4All - An online interlinear Bible, including PDFs, and a downloadable program for reading and taking notes
Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible - The most widely respected English translation of the Catholic Bible
Revised Standard Bible - A more modern translation of the Bible, including the so-called Apocrypha
King James Bible - The most popular Protestant edition of the Bible, including the 1769 "Authorized Edition" and the original 1611 edition
The Scottish Metrical Psalter - The Davidic Psalms translated into English in metrical poetry, authorized by the Church of Scotland in 1650
Centre for Lurian Kabbalah - A fascinating site on the Kabbalah in the Lurian/Arizal tradition, with online lessons available

Hermeticism, Alchemy, and Astrology

Corpus Hermeticum - The Gnostic Society's collection on the Hermetic tradition
Alchemy Lab - A site dedicated to understanding and applying the principles of alchemy
Alchemy Web Bookshop - An exploration of hermicism, and alchemical texts, art, and symbolism
Astrolabe - Free online birth chart according to the Western Tropical Zodiac
Astro22 - A downloadable program to create your own birth chart using Sidereal and Tropical astrology, as well as the 13-sign zodiac


2011 Gnostic Wall Calendar - Designed by Fr. Troy Pierce+
Kaufer's Religious Supplies - Candles, and various religious products
Episcopal Bookstore - Ecumenical religious products
Quest Bookshop - Big selection of esoteric and Thesophical books
East West Bookshop - Another big selection of esoteric books
Tenzing Momo - Books, incense, and much more
Carmelite Hermits' Incense - High quality incense sold by the Hermits of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel
Keepsake Rosaries - Fine hand-crafted custom rosaries made of flower petals, especially for memorial purposes
The Rosary Shop - Big selection of rosary/chaplet supplies for making and designing your own set of prayer beads

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